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Looney Tunez
Whether you don’t give a fvck about tomorrow, your trap is going techno, or you’re just a little paranoid, there’s a great reason to get fired up about LNY TNZ.
Inspired by the passion of putting a new twist on hard hitting EDM. LNY TNZ started releasing underground bootlegs, remixes and original music, and was quickly noticed in the Dutch music scene, known for a total unique sound combining different styles of music. Even then, LNY TNZ was trying to push the genre boundaries and gained immediate support from leading artists.
LNY TNZ kicked off some solo hits and remixes in succession, and in collaboration with some of top artists in the space and received radio play worldwide. LNY TNZ recently toured around the globe, stopping at festivals including Tomorrowland, EDC Vegas, Mysteryland and Defqon to name a few.
LNY TNZ continuously pushes the boundaries of the EDM genre, famously embracing the term FVCK GENRES. His music and stage hostings is proof of this, as LNY TNZ collaborate with rappers, vocalists, and DJs to expand the sounds and reach of his music.
For this special Gates to the Past pre-party, LNY TNZ will present an old school Looney Tunez classic set!
Bonzai all stars
DJ-ing duo Bonzai All Stars have a mission, that mission is to blow your mind with exciting high octane sets that delve into everything retro. As their stage name suggests these guys are always the ‘stars’ of the show and they really know how to put on a show. With decades of experience in the music industry through writing, arranging, producing, DJ-ing and running multiple successful labels, it’s little wonder that they are being snapped up for huge parties and festivals across Europe to unleash their energetic sets complete with on-stage antics.
Over the last number of years they have raised their profile to a massive scale. The original concept was to produce mega mix CD’s filled to the brim with Bonzai’s classic retro tunes, but this blossomed into a full on live DJ performance with both guys putting in the work to make it happen. To date they have performed at some of the biggest festivals in Belgium including hosting their own Bonzai stage at Tomorrowland as well as spots at Laundry Day, Summer Festival & Legacy Festival.
On top of all that the annual Bonzai Retro parties are where they round up their hectic yearly schedule with a massive blow out among their many friends. No doubt we will be seeing many more dates lined up so keep an eye on the Bonzai All Stars website for more.
There can be no doubt about the work ethic from the Bonzai All Stars, they know how to whip up the crowd and put on a show, it would be rude not to have them at your party.
Franky Jones
There are a few words that are sufficient to describe Franky Jones. He has been around for over three decades, allready 34 years in the business spreading his message of love through his Beats with relentless passion. His broad musical taste ranges from hiphop, new wave, new beat, coldwave & EBM in the early 80's to house, acid, rave, breaks, techno and underground hardcore basslines. Getting his inspiration from artists like James Brown, Beastie Boys, Depeche Mode, Kraftwerk, Lenny Dee, The Prodigy, Rick Ruben, Coldcut, Urban Dance Squad, Africa Bambataa, Herbie Hancock, Joey Beltram, the whole Rotterdam scene and the Roland machines TB-303, TR-808, TR-909 and everything between it. Dr Jones guides you to the outer edges of the musical universe in search for new sounds with his Enterprise mothership (his music company).
He has played at the most legendary raves and clubs like Mayday, Inner City, Mysteryland, The Love Parade, Dominator, Rave City, Techno 94, Nightmare In Rotterdam, Ground Zero, I Love Techno, Megarave, HouseQlassics, Ghosttown, In Qontrol, The Rave Explosion, Q-Base, Futurescope, Raving Nightmare, World Party, Retro Acid, Megarave, Hard Bass, Raveworld, City Parade, Techno Parade, Street Parade, Fuck Parade, Impulz, Nature One, House Torhout, Parkzicht (Rotterdam), Tresor (Berlin), Energiehal (Rotterdam), Sporthallen Zuid (Amsterdam), Mazzo (Amsterdam), Rex (Paris), The Omen (Frankfurt), Warehouse (Cologne), Tropicana & Nighttown (Rotterdam), E-Werk (Berlin), Paradiso (Amsterdam), Cocorico (Rimini), Palazzo (Frankfurt am Main), Lagoa (Pecq), Privilege (Ibiza), Le Petit Prince (Koln), all Bonzai Raves and Thunderdome from day one ! Taking him around the world, from Paris to Sydney, from Chicago to Tokyo, from Amsterdam to Ibiza, from Antwerp to Detroit, from London to New York and Berlin to Zagreb. He has been there, done that and doing it again.
In 1996/1997 he released as the first Belgium DJ his awesome full album "Welcome Into My World" on Bonzai Records and went on a European Tour 2 months to promote it. Franky is one of Belgium's most acknowledged artists, a true Pioneer and living Legend. He was the only Belgian DJ ever in the 90's playing as a resident every week at Legendary Clubs including Rave-Zone Montini (StTruiden), Carat After-Hour (Bouwel), Extreme (Affligem), Cherrymoon (Cyberdelia – Lokeren), La Rocca (Lier), Fuse (Tranc-o-matic – Brussel), La Bush (Esquelmes), ABC (Leuven), Globe (Antwerp), Planet Hardcore (Dendermonde), Silo (Leuven), Xanadu (Wetteren), The Groove (Kumtich), Bilitiz (Keerbergen), Club Bizar (Waarloos), Sotscop (Mechelen), Q Club (Brasschaat), Mannequin (Herent), The Pink Panther (Keerbergen), Nightlife (Bergen Op Zoom) and the Jazz Club (Mechelen).
Franky Jones was also one of the driving forces behind the illustrious legendary BONZAI label, wich helped shape the face of the Belgium dance culture known as TSOB (the sound of belgium). In 1992 he produced his first track for Bonzai under the name Jones & Stephenson "The First Rebirth" wich became an instant MAYHEM and till today after 25 years the track is played every weekend all over the world destroying dancefloors on raves, festivals and clubs. Today The First Rebirth has the worldwide status of BEST CLASSIC RAVE track ever !!
Franky is also the founder of the TRIPOMATIC, BUDDJA and ENTERPRISE labels. Again he was the first in his country to start a GOA Trance label called BUDDJA. Hugh fans playing and supporting the label where PAUL OAKENFOLD (that time Best DJ in the world) and MARK SPOON (rip) from JAM & SPOON. The double compilation album TRANCIDELIA (cd & vinyl) are big wanted collectors items selling on DISCOGS for big prices. The TRIPOMATIC label was all about deep dark long techno trips and was soon after the first releases the hottest wanted underground label in LONDON. DJ's were weekly hunting the shops for new Tripomatic vinyls. The typical record sleeves full of acidtrips was spotted in a UK ganster movie about the nightlife and then the label exploded with a UK and GERMAN TRIPOMATIC division after i signed the first NR 1 chart seller METHADON "Synthetic Fruits". The AFTER-HOUR compilations on the label are hugh wanted collectors items.
In 1995 Franky was voted BEST VISITING INTERNATIONAL DJ by the readers of ETERNITY magazine during THE IRISH DANCE AWARDS in N.IRELAND after his first visit that year to the country playing @ KELLY'S NITECLUB (Portrush) what went straight in the History books of Irish nightlife.The combination of Guinnes, Whiskey, Tablets (doves) and Franky Jones hardtrance sound was a deadly combination. Young girls poping E's by the minute with pints of Guinnes larger then you can think where dropping flat out everywhere on the floor and bouncers where pulling body's like dead cow's outside in a field full of flowers. Club was on a big camping site. After his set he go out and found a field with hundreds of young girls (age around 17) laying in the grass half naked, totally wasted lauching and singing "We Love You Franky ..... O Fraaaaanky" ... he still think "what the fuck i just saw" Also voted BEST BELGIUM DJ 1997 & 1998 by the readers of MOVE-X magazine and was not allowed to enter again in 1999 because the readers voted again almost 100% only for this incredible artist. Later that year the magazine published an article about the First Living DJ Legend in our small country Belgium ....
Nowadays as a DJ and mixmaster in electronic underground music, Franky Jones delivers high quality sets mixed in his unique Jonesstyle. He always delivers no mather what. The last years you saw and wil see him more playing as the closing headliner on all major & Sold Out events, clubs & festivals like Tomorrowland, Summerfestival, Fantasia, Legacy, Age Of Love, Ostend Beach, Wooferland, Decibel Outdoor, Bonzai Harder, Footworxx, Lokerse Feesten, Sunrise, Berlin Summerrave, Feest In Het Park, Defqon 1, Rotterdam Outdoor, Hype-O-Dream, Cherrymoon Beach, Gentse Feesten, Foorcore, Frontline Festival, Cirque Magique Festival, Multigroove, Rave The City, Acid Orange, The Sound Of Belgium Clubtour, 25 Years Cherrymoon,
Best Of Belgium, 010 Classics, Bonzai Retro, Outdoor Stereo Festival, Mindcontroller, Reverze, Acid Addiction, Belgian Resistance, The Raving Zone, Krush Club (Ostend), Mazzo (Amsterdam), Factory 010 (Rotterdam), Forty Five (Hasselt), Ampere (Antwerp), Fuse (Brussel), Petrol (Antwerp), Waagnatie (Antwerp), Ethias Arena (Hasselt), Flughafen Tempelhof (Berlin), The Greatest Switch (StuBru), La Rocca (Lier), Vooruit (Gent), Artcube (Gent), Les Caves (Liege), H20 (Pecq), Charlatan (Gent) ..
DJ Wout
DJ Wout started his career in the Belgian clubscene in 1995. As a resident in both afterclub Carat and tranceclub Illusion, he spread the trance-sound of the late '90's. Being a guest in every major club in Belgium, he earned his place amongst the best dj's Belgium has ever known. He got voted ”Best National DJ” on the 2005 TMF Awards.
DJ Wout was the resident-DJ of “Back To The 90’s” in the Antwerp “Sportpaleis", the biggest and most popular 90’s-event of Belgium. Since 2011 he brings every year the popular 90’s-sound at Tomorrowland on the I Love The 90's-stage.
DJ Ward
Dj Ward is Belgium's most talented all round party dj. 100 or 10.000 people, he can get any crowd moving in seconds. Few are so versatile like dj Ward and there are many magical dj sets to reinforce that status: Tomorrowland, Versuz V3, I Love the 90’s - The Party, Studio 54 @ Sports Palace Antwerp, Pukkelpop, Laundry Day, The Hive @ Werchter Festival, Qmusic party tour, … television and radio roadshows, award shows, clubs, parties, corporate events… No dance floor is too big or too small for him to
Many of his performances are already burned into the collective memory. So watch out, because his dj sets will glue your feet to the dance floor, all night long!
It’s all about being creative. Ward developed his own particular way of crossover deejaying. He gave the concept of an 'eclectic all round dj' a new dimension, he made it into a unique style form.
Thanks to a wide musical knowledge, he has no problem with adjusting himself to different kinds of musical genres or audiences. From parties to festivals, from the popular scene to the alternative scene or a crossover between the two, Ward’s trademark is his own particular creative way of mixing different kinds of music in an endless fluent wave. That’s why people refer to him as a musical chameleon. Ward always gives it 100%. He has the unique ability to feel every specific need of an audience. That’s what makes his dj sets so powerful and extremely uplifting! He’s constantly searching for that special and crazy connection with the crowd. With lightning fast turntable-moves and MCing at the same time, he takes you on a journey you’ve probably never experienced before. Oh yeah, did you get the chance ofcatching a glimpse of his very unique video-animated dj sets yet!? Thrust us if we say that once you are captured in his magical web, it’s difficult to get out of!
From house to retro
This what you can get
Played @ lots of gigs , discotek revolution ,discotek montini , c-dance, de loft , peanuts , l'amazonial , house i like , ramses II ,...
Lucas & Steve
Do you like the way we work it? No diggity!
Land of Love is proud to announce Lucas & Steve for this year's edition.
With smash hits like "You don't have to like it", "No Diggity" and their latest single "Set you free" Lucas & Steve are ready to join the likes of Coone, Mattn and 5napback on the Gates of Heaven Main Stage.
At 29 years old, and driven by a relentless hunger for dance music, the mysterious MATTN is here to make a serious name for herself.
Having already made a mark as one of the hottest young female artists in the electronic circuit, Her recipe of arena-worthy beats and exciting melodies captivate audiences the world over, and effortlessly combine to create her own unique flavour.

MATTN’s blend of underground and mainstage appeal has seen her lend her skills perfectly to a wide array of events, from Ushuaia Ibiza to clubs all over the world, though to the legends of dance music that are Tomorrowland Mainstage,Creamfields, Mysteryland, Sunburn and so on.
Her electrifying stage presence makes her the perfect fit for Blue Flame Agency, Omnia Management and Smash The House, joining some of the biggest names in dance music and one of the most forward-thinking labels currently on the scene,

MATTN may be the first female artist to appear on Smash The House, but she isn’t a DJ who lets her gender define her. Dropping some production skills and prowess as a DJ that allows her to stand out based on her musical ability alone. Her past and upcoming releases on the label prove beyond any doubt that MATTN has what it takes to hit the top, and she isn’t about to let anything get in her way.

She now is developing from a DJ to a world class live singer-songwriter and popstar, having her own upcoming tracks to set live stages on fire. This will rise her star even more then it already is.

MATTN is on a roll!
From a young age, Coone has been mesmerized by music in all its different shapes and forms.
The creation of his successful label Dirty Workz was a huge step in this young man's carreer, allowing him to take his music beyond even his own expectations and also giving new talents within the Hard Dance scene a respectable platform to launch new and exciting sounds into the scene.
By the age of 24, Coone was able to lay down an almost impossible feat; completely selling out one of Belgium's largest venues with over 10.000 Hard Dance fans for an exclusive event - Coone & the Gang. The event has certainly become one of Coone's most memorable moments, a clear pillar in his life which marked the beginning of big things to come and completely opened the Hard Dance scene in Belgium, boosted by national tv and media coverage.
As collaborations with some of Hardstyle's biggest names rolled in, Coone was able to impress the world with his unique sound within Hardstyle, imprinting a distinct signature sound into his productions. His experience has lead him towards a new "Challenge"; to create an album in 30 days including collaborations with some of the Hard Dance scene's superstars. The album was met with great support in the scene, catapulting Coone to new heights. Coone's success within Europe has opened up many doors for him as his eyes are fixed on the horizon, towards the international Hardstyle scene in countries such as Australia and the United States, with a World Tour already in the making.
Without a doubt, Coone lives and breathes Hardstyle. His passion shared by thousands of like-minded souls all over the world, each speaking a universal language. Music. A binding force uniting us all.
Yves Deruyter
Yves Deruyter started his DJ career in 1985 and played in famous Belgian clubs such as Globe, Barocci, Cherrymoon, Extreme, Carat, BBC, La Rocca and many more. In 1991 he started producing and his first single “Animals”, released on Bonzeai Records, became a big club hit in Belgium. The success of his first track led to DJ-gigs at all the big rave parties such as May Day, Energy, Love Parade, Street Parade, Nature One, Trance Energy, Mysteryland, Inner City, Sensation Black, Dance Valley, Groundzero, Frequence, Decibel Outdoor, Defcon, Gatecrasher, Ilove Techno, Antwerp is burning, City Parade, Tomorrowland, …
Yves’ second single “Rave City” made a leap into the German market and became a big succcess with more than 50.000 units sold and the follow up “Calling Earth” topped 70.000 units. Then the track “The Rebel” was an international breakthrough for Yves, followed by “The House of House”, “In My Electric House” (Cherrymoon Trax) and many more.
By now he has worked with producers like Frederico Santini, M.I.K.E. Dierickx (Push, The Blackmaster, Moon Project,…). The single “Rhytmic Bazz”, from the album 2001 as well as “Back to Earth” were released together with “Music-Nonstop”, which was remixed by Ton TB (Three Drives) and others. These tracks have played have played a huge part in the trance club scene and have helped shape many careers in EDM.
Yves’ awesome cover of Underworlds classic “Born Slippy” continues to be a hugely memorable track. The single Infinity followed and was picked up by a lot of compilations, radio shows and DJ’s alike. Yves has mixed and produced many compilations himself including mega mixes for Bonzai Records.
As a very hard working DJ, Yves Deruyter regularly travels Europe where he is in high demand for his DJ skills. As a born entertainer his vision of his future in music is and will always be, making music for the people. With new studio work on the way Yves’ releases are highly anticipated by his fans and followers. Yves back catalogue can be found on many good download stores.
As recording artists to the “Smash The House” imprint and most enviably, official protégées of the world-renowned brothers, which has led to releases on some of dance music’s biggest labels such as Hardwell’s Revealed Recording sand the globally renowned Dim Mak, thanks to the high praise from Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike. But amidst this family-like affair, Wolfpack– also known as Steve and Ruben to their nearest and dearest – have watched their production work surge, catching the attention of fans, critics and peers alike.
From colossal Tomorrowland performances including a deserved set on the Main Stage and headlining the Smash The House stage every year. They are touring across India, South America, Europe, USA, the Middle East and beyond.
Collaborating with UK starlet Katy B for a vocal edit of their official TomorrowWorld and Tomorrowland anthem, ‘Find Tomorrow (Ocarina)’ which topped many dance charts around the world, including their home nation of Belgium, along with the GTA co-produced ‘Turn It Up’, the Boostedkids collaboration ‘Loknez’, as well as a fantastic pairing with Tony Junior entitled ‘Unleash The Beast’, their high-octane releases are gaining them just as much praise as their intense on-stage antics. Wolfpack’s recent output such as their track ‘Arabian Bounce’, made in collaboration with legendary MC Fatman Scoop and X-TOF, expanded on the success of these earlier tracks and built on the promise of standout releases such as ‘Zero F’s Given’ with Bassjackers and the swarming club hit ‘Phat Base’ with Warp Brothers.
Adding more killer productions to their evolving catalogue, Wolfpack’s sound drives forward with high profile collaborations such as ‘Be Strong’, ‘Apache Anthem’ and the radio hit ‘Like Air’ together with the stunning Nervo sisters as well as a multitude of massive Smash The House offerings including ‘Carnival’ alongside Timmy Trumpet, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, MATTN & X-TOF.
TLP aka Troubleman
Brutal honesty: generally it’s not a trait used to describe the skills of a DJ. But in the case of Belgium born TLP aka Troubleman, there’s no way around it. Brutal honesty is at the core of everything he does, which adds up to much more than spinning tunes. Among the many titles on his lengthy resume are rapper/freestyle MC, music writer, hip-hop spokesman, recording artist and radio host. With more than two decades of field experience under his belt, TLP is a musical force to be reckoned with. An unstoppable, musical phenomenon with a notorious rep stretching far beyond his native ground – just ask him, he’ll tell you!
In 1987 mister Troubleman had his first taste of the stage with Kick The Bass, a posse of rappers, breakdancers and graffiti artists that also featured a certain female MC by the name of Ya Kid K, before she became part of the worldwide success story of Technotronic. In his own right, TLP broke ground when he sided with DJ Grazhoppa to form Rhyme Cut Core, one of Belgium’s first hip-hop acts to be signed in the UK. Many years before that, when London was celebrating Nelson Mandela’s freedom, TLP had his first encounter with a Jamaican soundsystem. Its sheer physical power made an everlasting impression on the aspiring MC. Partying all night on the urban sounds of Soul II Soul, Afrika Bambaata, Stetsasonic and The Jungle Brothers, young T found his future and was never again to lose his taste for big, bad bass lines and improvised shout-outs! For the record: let’s not forget this was a time before House of Pain taught the world that white men could jump and Eminem became a superstar. White skinned hip-hop ambassadors were met with great prejudice, a thing that TLP continued to battle for the larger part of his career.
Over the years and countless projects later, TLP’s focus started to shift towards the turntables. His natural knack for word play and crowd control became a great asset when manning the wheels of steel. Partnered with an enormous love and knowledge of music, TLP quickly made name as a DJ with his own unique definition of mixing and selecting. When some local entrepreneurs took night life in Ghent to another level, invading museums, showrooms and abandoned warehouses with celebrated nights as Bel.Mondo and Eskimo, they enlisted the Troubleman to host their hip-hop and R&B themed rooms. When those same party moguls opened up Culture Club, they put TLP in charge of his own floor. He took up a weekly residency and for the first years, next to fellow Ghent locals The Glimmers and 2manydjs, was vital in helping build the club its acclaimed reputation. It was here at Culture Club that TLP’s infamous all night marathon sets (8 to 9 hours are no exception) started to build momentum. This is a man who rides the rhythm as it rolls out; treating his followers to a healthy mash-up of soul, r’n’b, roots reggae, disco, funk, deep and latin house classics, dubstep, afrobeat, booty bass and so on… A true champion of the dance floor, TLP is and always will be last man standing!
Compiling and mixing five volumes of Culture Club compilations took the devoted party goliath to new frontiers, rocking floors in the many exclusive locations such as Club Yellow (Tokyo), Lux (Lisbon), Jimmy Woo (Amsterdam), Cookies (Berlin) and Respect Is Burning (Paris). On several occasions, he set fire to the Miami Winter Music Conference, caused mayhem on countless festivals such as Tomorrow Land and Dour, and supported artists such as Erykah Badu,…………
Sometimes his big mouth gets him into trouble (they don’t call him Troubleman for nothing..), but TLP’s verbal capacities are also appreciated by his peers, such as Flemish hip-hop troupe ‘t Hof Van Commerce, who enlisted him for some guest rhymes on tracks as Tottentrekkerie – in return, their chieftain Flip Kowlier crowned TLP ‘the porn king of Ghent’. Also, together with Raoul Belmans from Swirl People, TLP collaborated on the steaming hip-house track Watcha Gonna Do.
After more than 20 years of pumping the volume for the larger part of the week, TLP still is a tireless advocate for the music. Refusing to compromise, pouring his heart and soul into it. Maybe the biggest recognition of his devotion to the good cause is his self-named national radio show on Studio Brussel. Every Saturday evening TLP spreads his love for urban sounds from around the globe over the Belgian airwaves. Telling it like it is, with brutal honesty.
Over the past five years RHEA has proved that rock ’n roll is alive and well. Hard-yet smooth guitar riffs and intricate-yet-loud songs have become the trademark of the five. And equally important: they know how to translate their craftsmanship into hard hitting and intense live shows. In 2019 they played support slots for Wolfmother and Royal Blood and did a bunch of headline shows and festivals. their debut album was released in 2020 after which they had a number 1 hit in Studio Brussel's 'De Afrekening ' with 'Rather Be Nothing'. At the end of 2021, the band played a show in a sold-out AB Box that fans will remember for a long time to come.
Q-ic, also known as Luc Byltiauw, started his career as a sound engineer at the age of 15. Driven by his passion for audio, the path to electronic dance music was a natural way to follow. His engineering talent didn’t go unnoticed and his innovating new sound was welcomed by major labels such as Virgin and Universal Music. Since 2003, other releases under various alter ego’s followed rapidly and Q-ic smashed the charts worldwide with productions on renowned labels such as Polydor, N.E.W.S., Panda Funk, Ghoststyle, Zoo Records, Babaorum... This resulted in a boost with approx. 200 gigs a year and in co-productions with artists such as Coone, DJ Ghost, DJ Bam Bam, CJ Bolland, Marco Remus, Lethal MG, Ronald-V, … only to new a few. Q-ic claimed his place in the harddance scene.
Hit tracks like Desire Go Higher, Punk Shock, Musique, X-Rated Love, Approaching, I Found You, Fortunate Beats, 24, All Night, … became all time classics and Q-ic’s energetic bootlegs have been picked up far across the borders.
With performances all over Europe and guest appearances at several of the biggest festivals out there such as Tomorrowland, Reverze, Nature One, Love Parade, City Parade, Defqon1, I Love Techno, In Qontrol, Decibel Outdoor, Summerfestival, …
Q-ic knows how to entertain mass crowds!
After 7 years of residencies at the legendary clubs Complex & Cherrymoon, Q-ic is now concentrating on retro dj sets.
Behind the decks, Q-ic never fails to deliver and he is set to bring a mind-blowing performance at each and every gig!
Those meeting him on the dancefloor can expect one big energetic ride of highlight moments, exclusive bootlegs and most of all… the best of jump, tek and techno music.
Pat B
Living near the border of Holland and Belgium this Belgian Dutchman soon surrendered to the virus called Jumpstyle! After some years of playing in small clubs and venues things got a little bit more serious when in 2005 his first releases had seen the light! Once a dream and now becoming a reality!
Patrick lived for his music and finally he could share his passion and love with others across the globe. Amsterdam, Antwerp, Paris and even Valencia all witnessed a DJ performance by Pat B. And everywhere he went there was only 1 mission! Make people dance and enjoy music just like himself!
There isn't anything better, is there…?
This all resulted in more bookings at clubs and festivals. Reverze, Decibel and Hardbass are just a few of them. But size doesn't matter… If it's for a thousand crazy Spanish people or for 1 Belgian who downloaded a Pat B podcast it's all with the same intention. Enthusiasm and love for music! All the hard work paid off with numerous mix compilations, worldwide releases and recently a contract at sur+ a major label in Jumpstyle music.
After years Pat B still is faithful to his style and has only just begun! You can find him 24 hours a day in the studio and passionate behind the decks on weekends. This only can be described as living a dream.
Pablo Honey
Een tributeproject, maar dan wel eentje voorzien van een stevig paar ballen én met een ‘larger than life’-attitude. Hier droomden Jan en Jason - beiden actief bij de Belgische metalformatie King Hiss - al even van om hun muzikale horizonten te verruimen. Beide heren delen een gemeenschappelijke liefde voor potige gitaarmuziek en al snel kwamen ze tot de vaststelling dat de jaren negentig een karrenvracht epische bands en platen baarden. Niet toevallig de muziek die hun tienerjaren kleurde. Hun aandacht ging in het bijzonder uit naar de grungeperiode waarin bands zoals Alice in Chains, Pearl Jam, Stone Temple Pilots, Nirvana en Soundgarden de plak zwaaiden. Het duo wist met hun enthousiasme geen blijf en de spreekwoordelijke gaspedaal werd al snel tegen de vloer gestampt.

Omdat een band starten met uitsluitend een zanger en een drummer net iets té ambitieus is, gingen ze op zoek naar 2 bijkomende partners in crime. Al snel kwamen ze terecht bij 2 jonge wolven: Hanne Vandekerckhove (Noedels, Aarde Aan Daan, Umm, …) en Guillaume Lamont (Rhea). Beide verdienden ze reeds hun strepen bij een rits verschillende projecten. En niet geheel onbelangrijk: ze herleiden de gemiddelde leeftijd van de band naar een meer aanvaardbaar niveau.

De mayonaise pakt en er wordt naarstig getimmerd aan een bom van een liveset. Het quartet mikt erop om het unieke festivalgevoel van de jaren negentig nieuw leven in te blazen. Hoewel ze trouw willen blijven aan de songs en de sound, zijn ze vastbesloten om zich de show toe te eigenen. Het is niet hun bedoeling om zomaar even de les op te zeggen. Haal je combats en flanellen houthakkershemd uit de kast en laat je uit je sokken blazen!
Niels van Gogh
DJ and producer Niels van Gogh from Germany has been playing the turntables of clubs internationally since 1996. His career started at the Pleasure Domes in Augsburg as a resident DJ where he was wowing the crowd regularly with his sets.

His fan base grew quickly and he played countless gigs in clubs and on festivals like Nature One, Rave on Snow, Loveparade (Berlin), Energy, Street Parade (Switzerland), Rave'n Cruise or City Parade (Belgium). But his big break-through was in 1998: His track "Pulverturm" reached the Top 20 of best-selling singles in Germany and got international attention as well as a placement in the European charts. In Belgium "Pulverturm" went Gold and over 20.000 vinyls were sold worldwide. The great succes of Pulverturm was crowned with the German Dance Award 2000. Since then Niels van Gogh was travelling around the globe for bookings in Southafrica, Australia, Brasil, Thailand, Russia, Israel and of course Europe.

Within a few years "Pulverturm" became a club classic and in 2007 it was time for a remix. The new mix was an immediate success and hit number one of the European club charts. Almost every Top DJ was playing the track. In the following years Niels van Gogh worked on many different projects, for example "City Sneakerz" with Eric Smax and Thomas Goldwhich which was released on the legendary Ministry of Sound label. Niels' single "House Arrest" became the soundtrack for the Chio Chips advertisement. His remix for Delirium feat. Sarah McLachlan - "Silence" was not only an immediate number one hit of the European Club Charts but also on Beatport, the world's biggest Download portal. As a result in 2009 he received the Beatport "Best Progresseive House Track" Award.

In the same year Niels signed with Scream & Shout Recordings. His first single released on this label, "Dreamer", stayed in the Top 10 of club charts for weeks. Other cooperations with Ramon Zenker (aka Emilio Verdez), and Daniel Strauss followed. Niels released many new tracks on international labels like Spinnin', Cr2, Hed Kandi, Hotfingers and of course Scream & Shout and did remixes for Tom Novy, Milk & Sugar, Lissat & Voltaxx, Plastik Funk, Tune Brothers, Schiller, Tomcraft and many other artists. Furthermore Niels van Gogh is responsible fort he succefull compilations "We Love House" and "We Love Electro".

Niels' new single "Emergency" which he released 2011 together with Daniel Strauss on Scream & Shout earned full support from many international Top DJs like Fedde le Grand,
David Guetta, Roger Sanchez, Joachim Garraud, DJ Antoine and Jesse Voorn. But despite his international success, Niels is still attached to his home town and he decided to shoot the video for "Emergency" in a club in Augsburg. Niels van Gogh is on a trajectory of success and will continue to surprise us with new projects. At the moment Niels is working in the studio and preparing many new tracks and remixes. Just stay connected.
With only one goal in mind - to become the absolute best - this Hard Dance DJ climbs the musical ranks with unparalleled drive and energy. Pushing over 120K fans on Instagram, an amazing stage energy and more than 40M combined streams, MANDY leaves her competition eating dust! 2020 be ready, this chick from the block won't slow down anytime soon.
Starting out spinning for a small crowd in local Belgium clubs MANDY has always had one hidden weapon during her perfomances; relentless energy! With her energy, determination and ever growing fanbase she evolved from playing these small clubs to world renowned festival Tomorrowland (The Gathering) where over 30.000 people scanted her name! (click here). A true and beautiful milestone for this female powerhouse.
A quick flashback to a packed summer schedule in 2019 shows MANDY playing events like; Tomorrowland (3 times!), Defqon.1, Decibel, World Club Dome, Parookaville, Dreambeach, The Qontinent and many many more. Yet, she hypes up any crowd at any venue. MANDY has effortlessly rocked indoor events such as Reverze and Spanish club Fabrik, making her one of the most wanted DJ's in the Hard Dance scene!
But, MANDY's popularity is not only measured in likes, views and streams - she has an instant connection with her fans when she is on (and off) stage. Always willing to give her fans love, attention, and an autograph, make MANDY the most fan favorite Hardstyle act of this the moment.
Working with a dedicated team and signed to leading Hardstyle label Dirty Workz helped her reach some amazing early musical milestones. One of her biggest accomplishments to date is the official remix of Tiesto's 'Jackie Chan'. With +6M plays, and counting, this playlist killer is the most popular remix of the pack! Another early milestone has been the release of 'Raggadrop' (2017). Reaching over 17M views on YouTube and +3M streams on Spotify this bomb is all about her signature sound: energy and steamrolling kicks!
Pushing the pedal to the metal, in the summer of 2019, her bootleg 'Don't You Worry Child' by legendary Swedish House Mafia was the closing track of the Tomorrowland Mainstage in both weekend one and two. Dutch, Belgium and international press quickly picked up the news putting MANDY in an instant limelight.
Yet, there is so much more to come. Behind the scenes MANDY is working harder than ever to show the Hard Dance community she is not nearly done spreading her positive vibes and fist pumping beats all over the world. In fact, she has just begun.
By bringing a bad ass blend of all types of styles in dance music, Lowriderz is one of the most energetic acts in the hard dance genre today.
Apart from their fresh flavored solo releases they're know for their creative mashups and powerful remixes.
On stage this Belgian DJ duo shows what they are made off by unleashing their everlasting enthusiasm for hard dance music.
By bringing a bad ass blend of all types of harder styles and trap, they have only one mission: cranking up every crowd they meet.
The steps that were made the last few years haven't been unnoticed. Lowriderz played at events like Tomorrowland, Defqon 1., Decibel Outdoor, Sunrise Festival, The Qontinent, Intents Festival, WiSH Outdoor and Pussylounge to name a few.
Jan Vervloet
Born in Belgium, Jan Vervloet is already more than 25 years a well-known name in the Belgian dance music scene.
As a producer he released more than 200 trax worldwide including golden records with Fiocco in Belgium , a nr 1 hit in Holland with Scoop and even a top 10 Hit in USA & France with D.H.T.
As a DJ he has been a part of the most selected clubs & parties in the Benelux.
His guest-DJ appearances are just too much to mention all (Tomorrowland - Suikerrock - I Love The 90s - Legacy - Gladiolen - Illusion - City Parade - Hype-O-Dream - Kokorico - Sunrise …).
After all those years Jan is still one of the most respected and passioned DJ's around who is not afraid to mash up
all styles of Party Music (Electro - Retro - Progressive House - 90's - Trance - Urban - Dirty House ...) because he has only got 1 target : A Dancing Screaming Packed Dancefloor !!!
Ilsen & Verhulst
Deze heren voorstellen is waarschijnlijk niet nodig. De ene kent u al jaren van radio en televisie, de andere is aan een blitscarrière bezig dat hem online nu al tot een van de populairste mannen van Vlaanderen maakt. Copains, maten, beste vrienden zijn het.
Samen draaien ze een set van een uur vol energie, hits en sfeer. Hun officiële debuut was op Tomorrowland. Een overrompeling was het. Ondertussen draaien ze in de grootste discotheken van het land voor volle zalen.
Het recept? Enthousiasme, energie en veel muziek waar het publiek gegarandeerd van door het dak gaat. Alle genres kunnen, alles mag passeren, we kunnen alleen niet garanderen dat ze opeens niet zelf op de dansvloer staan.
Franky Kloeck
Franky Kloeck started his DJ career in 1992 in Barocci (NL), but the club closed in the beginning of 1993 and he moved to the famous Cherrymoon where he was a resident for 4 years. Due to the success of the Cherrymoon Trax releases, he also played at parties in the Netherlands, France, Germany, Switzerland, Finland, Spain and Croatia. From 1994 until 1996 he also played every Sunday morning in the famous after club at Carat, but after 2 years he quit playing there and moved to Bel-Air. After he left Cherrymoon in 1997, he was resident DJ in famous Belgian clubs like Extreme, BBC, Globe & Boccaccio.
Franky was a part of a massive collaboration known as Cherrymoon Trax involving other artists including, Bjorn Wendelen, David Brants, Ilya Depuydt, Kris Vanderheyden, Nico Deleu, Pascal Quatretemps, Peter Schiettekatte, Philip Dirix, Youri De Pauw and Yves Deruyter. This huge group were responsible for many top quality successful releases on Bonzai Records including “Let There Be House”, the massive “Conflictation”, “In My House”, “Alternation” and the very impressive mega massive “The House Of House” which pioneered a new direction for harder edged progressive and trance music.
Franky also has various other monikers and enjoyed releases on BBC Records and No Name Records.
A regular face around the huge Bonzai parties of old, Franky will be another name that is mentioned in the long standing history of the Bonzai family.
Danger Hardcore Team is a Belgian Hardcore formation that was originated by a group of friends in 1995. DJ Bass (Bas van Tilburg) & MC Jerky (Flor Theeuwes a.k.a. Da Rick) & friends started to produce & perform hardcore music for their own label: Danger Hardcore Tracks..
With their first release: Alone & Jumpin' Time in 1997 the label and live act was launched BIG into the world.
The Danger Hardcore Team live act became legendary all over the hardcore planet.
Mega events like: Thunderdome, Megarave & Hardcore Overdrive gave thousands of people a chance to see and hear the Belgian hardcore sound.
Danger Hardcore Tracks brings you Hardcore but often with a big PARTY sound!
Many of the Danger Hardcore Team songs became huge anthems and are still being played all the time.
Starting out originally as a techno DJ in 2006, he has developed into one of the most versatile players in the Belgian dance industry. Whether it’s hardstyle, trap, electro house or hip hop, he has proven to stand his grounds in all categories. In January 2011, he founded ‘Crunk’d Records’, his own record label through which he released 2 albums and a string of EP’s.
Notably his album King Kong caught the attention of huge international acts like Flosstradamus, Crookers, Diplo & Major lazer allowing him the opportunity to remix several huge dance songs and release an EP on the Los Angeles based Mad Decent. The EP received support from acts like Afrojack, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Chuckie, Mightyfools, Dirtcaps, GTA & Jack   which opened the door to a collaboration track with Diplo. Besides his productions, he has held several residencies in legendary Belgian clubs like Complex and Cherry Moon, and toured major European festivals with a staggering 8 performances on the legendary Tomorrowland festival.
Today, his versatile production style hasn’t gone unnoticed in the Belgian music industry and he is often requested as a producer and songwriter for a variety of acts. His own music continuously closes the gap between what was once labeled Hard Dance and has now evolved into his personal take on Electronic Dance Music.
April Grey
DJ April Grey is a born entertainer. She entered the music business at the age of 13 as a dancer and was professionally schooled in many different dancing styles like classic ballet and modern. At the age of only 17 years old she started her own International Entertainment Agency and managed it successfully for more than 10 years. She is a well known name in Europe when it comes to entertainment. After years of hard work she was ready for a new challenging step in her career. As a passionate music lover and song collector the next logical step was to be a multi-talented DJ/Producer. Mid 2018 she started working on the April Grey debut EP, which is set to be released early next year. Currently she presents a regular series of mixtapes through her social media out lets and creates edits/bootlegs where she turns her favorite songs into up-lifting club bangers. In the meantime April can be found playing in clubs in Amsterdam and on various events around the world. April Grey is definitely someone to keep your eyes on.
Here we Are.
A new Beginning : WE PROUDLY PRESENT : ACD-SHE !
Our Own Interpretation of AC-DC ACD-SHE .....
What if Bon Scott was a woman ?
Zoey Hasselbank
Zoey Hasselbank started her career in 2015 and managed to put her print in the biggest Belgian clubs. Her musical universe is mainly dark and trill US Hip-Hop.
Thanks to her good knowledge of the hip-hop culture and by freestyling duringher sets she can adapt like no other and anticipate to the crowd. This allows her to create a atmosphere where she can answer to anyone’s needs and bring the venue into her magical musical world.
Not only is she a club DJ. She also does many gigs for corporate events forseveral brands in the fashion industry.
Zoey is also the tour DJ of the French singing artist ‘Shay’.
Youri Parker
Influencend by the early 90's rave/house sounds. Youri started spinning in 1992. 3 Years later he started his residency in the legendary Cherry Moon club. Playing there more then over a decade every weekend. He is the longest resident there and played a side every great name of the scene.
Playing on the biggest events and clubs in Belgium from Mayday in Germany to Ukraine and back. Youri always likes to play long sets. " it's nice to tell a story , to play with the people and not just play the hit records "
He played with the Biggest names in the scene : Carl Cox , Sven Vath, Jeff Mills ,Dave Clarke, Green Velvet just to name a few.
As production Youri & Danny C "Lost energy" was picked up by Carl Cox and was more then a year in his playlist.
Youri Parker & Fred Baker "Bang" was hammerd by Judge Jules on BBC ONE (Radioshow for more then 5 milion people)
And he Also did a Remix for Fred Baker's Ibiza Project and was released at Tiesto's own label
The Cherry Moon Trax hit record "Acid dream" is also from his hand.
Unregular had releases with almost a half million plays last year. His music got supporter by Lost Frequenties, Lucas & steve, Steve Void & many more. As a dj unregular is the right one to choose the right track at the right moment.
Ronny Retro
Kendeeeemm?? Tis den iejenigen echte, den Dj Ronny Retro mannekes, astemblief seg.
Geboren in Antwaarpe oep 6 september 1969, ni toevallig 6/9/69 he gaste. Sinds men 20 jaar actief achter de draaitafels oep de zotste foave en in de graafste cafés, ondertusse internationaal bekend van Blankenbaarge tot in Hasselt. As ge ne grave party Dj zukt, dan zedde bij mij ont juste adres. Seventies, eighties, nineties, twieduuzendties, boenk, noemt mor oep, ik speul da. Kzou zegge gaste, ni twijfele, wilde sfeer? Dan wilde de Ronny Retro oep aaw fiejest! Kzeg altij: Ne curryweust is goe, mor ne mexicano is veul better. Kzien elle oept fiejesje gaste!

Groetjes, De Ronny.
De carrière van Masai neemt sinds zijn finaleplaats op MNM Start To DJ 2013 een hoge
vlucht. Hij mag zich als één van weinige Belgische deejays resident noemen van het Nederlandse Vunzige Deuntjes. Passeerden ook al de revue: onder meer Les Ardentes, Fire is Gold, Maanrock, Dranouter Festival, Couleur Café, Tomorrowland, Versuz en Bloody Louis. Met zijn live-act MASAI feat. The Roots (Drummers from Rwanda) speelt hij zijn Afrikaanse roots voortreffelijk uit. Masai staat voor een opzwepende mix van pop muziek, afro muziek, klassiekers en hip hop, kortom: DANSEN. Elke zaterdag hoor je MASAI tussen 22:00 en 23:00 tijdens MNM Party, waarin hij een mix maakt van hip hop, afrobeats en r&b.
Als DJ timmert de 28-jarige Matthy van Empel (JEMATTHY) al een tijdje aan de weg. In het genre moombahton, dancehall en r&b maakte hij vanaf 2018 voornamelijk naam in kroegen en clubs. Matthy draaide daarnaast al op grote festivals als Solar Weekend, Intents Festival, Rebirth Festival en BeetjeDansen Outdoor. JEMATTHY zorgt tijdens zijn optreden voor ongekende glijers, lekkerste klassiekers en de nieuwste hits waardoor iedereen genoodzaakt is om de heupen los te gooien.
In korte tijd heeft Matthy grote stappen gezet in zijn carrière als DJ. Na zijn deelname aan het reality programma ‘’Love Island’’ in 2019, heeft Matthy vooral veel shows in Nederland en België. Matthy is tijdens de veelbesproken show door het publiek verkozen tot favoriete ‘’Islander’’ en was mede om die reden finalist in het programma.
Inmiddels heeft Matthy de afgelopen jaren al meerdere eigen nummers uitgebracht op onder andere Spotify. Al zijn eigen tracks zijn in totaal al meer dan een miljoen keer beluisterd. Zijn best beluisterde tracks zijn oa ‘’Curacao’’, ‘’Vakantiehuis’’ en ‘’Gevaar’’. Voornamelijk ‘’Curacao’’ wordt regelmatig gedeeld door realitysterren welke het land bezoeken en hier Instagram story’s van plaatsen.
Frank Van Herwegen, DJ F.R.A.N.K is sinds 1986 fulltime DJ en Producer. F.R.A.N.K. draait al 30 jaar in CARR  in Willebroek, sinds de opening, stond 24 jaar in Dixies te Brasschaat , is sinds 2016 resident in The Villa in Antwerp en en draaide sinds 1986 al meer dan 7500 Gigs. Het Mysterieuze House Of Jack in het Kasteel Van Brasschaat behoort ook tot zijn residencies, net als Versuz op maandag. Naast dit alles is hij sinds 2017 Master of Ceremony bij Back To The 90’s & 00’s en Moosebar XXL in het Antwerpse Sportpaleis.
Andere referenties : Tomorrowland (Winter), HighLight Festival, Beachland, Legacy Festival, The Day Before Tomorrow, Pennezakkenrock, Dance DVision, Kamping Kitsh, Sunrise Festival, MNM, , Q-Beach House, en nog zo’n 350 andere….
Dat maakt van hem een gerespecteerde en populaire artiest zowel bij het 90’s publiek, als de jonge generatie.
Met zo’n parcours staat hij garant voor ‘ Feest’, met hoofdletter F.
Met zijn all-time-classics Summerjam 2003 , Discotex Yah, Pump it Up, From The Left To The Right,...kreeg hij internationale erkenning en gaat ,anno 2021, iedereen nog elke set uit zijn dak!
Als producer, liet hij al meer dan 60 platen los op verschillende labels! Die verzameling vind je terug op de ultieme compilatie ‘’Collected’’.
Festivals, Afterworks, Clubs, Studentenfeesten, Weddingpartys,…Niks is onbekend terrein voor F.R.A.N.K.
ven though I wonder if anyone really IS interested in my BIOGRAPHY , I'll try my best to keep it short and to throw a glance at the future!

Music has always fascinated me, from Rock, Pop and Blues to every possible electronical style of music on this planet. As a youngster I always had the chance to listen to everything that was placed in my path. From a distance I could hear the music my father was listening to and which I didn't take for granted at that time because of teenage issues, but learnt to appreciate over time! And just like the way every single person has his or her favorite songs, so do I. Songs which remind me of times ofhappiness , pain, melancholy, rancune and so on...

To every human, every music lover, every DJ and every producer music has a slightly different place in the soul but it IS and will always BE my cause to create music that touches other people and myself. I won't limit myself to one single thing, but I am to take everything that's placed in my path.

The artist's power is hidden in his openness and curiousity for each new excitement.

It's my cause to do this as good as I can, at the regret of anyone that doesn't appreciate it.


Bastiaan or Bestien, born belgian on 19/05/1987. Bestien started producing music at the young age of 14.From his childhood on he was heavy influenced by the music his late father listenend to.
Sounds like Dave Clarke, Jeff Mills, Little Louis, The Prodigy, Kraftwerk and many more were instant classic music for Bestien.
Driven by different styles of techno bestien was most intrested in harder style because of hearing the sounds and dj sets of dj's like Manu Kenton, Paul Langley, Dj Rush, etc.

In 2008 Bestien signed on Fanatix, a belgian teklabel managed by Q-ic, one of the biggest names in the Jump/Tek scene.On Fanatix Bestien Released in 2009 his know absynth EP on vinyl and in 2010 his first solo album called Anomaly.

Bestien also produces minimal house on the alias of Aden and more tekstyle/jumpstyle on his Trent Easton alter ego.

In 2011, Bestien released on Crunk'D records his Freakshow EP, with the famous Bootyman track.Later in 2011, he released his second Album called '' What We Breathe For '' wich hit the clubs hard.

Bestien has played sets in clubs and partys like : Reverze, Last World, Qontinent, Bassleader, Summerfestival, Illusion, Ghosthouse, Footworxx,Hommel, Laundry Day,Nature One,Barcelona Meets Jump, H20, Impact, Kentek vs Frenchtek, Subculture, Captain, Teknik Factory, Club Expodrome, Missing Link, Elektro 2 Techno and many more.
“Audiowave, a.k.a. “the freshest guy on the block”, is een Kortrijkse deejay. Zijn sets zijn verrassend en gevarieerd en lopen over van hiphop, afrobeats, uk funky/garage, house, pop en beats. Ondertussen pronkt hij al met festivals als Rock Werchter, Lokerse Feesten en Balaton Sound en sinds zijn passage op de Filefuif is hij een graag geziene gast op Studio Brussel. Kortom, die dansvloer gaat sowieso kapot!
Played at some of the biggest festivals in Belgium, including Summerfestival, Land of Love, Fantasia Festival, Ostend Beach, Dance D-Vision… and did international gigs iFrance, Egypt and The Netherlands. Played an official Tomorrowland partyflight and was on stage at Tomorrowland at the Smash The House stage.
X-TOF produces his own music with releases receiving support from Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Yves V, Wolfpack, Ti sto, W&W, Nicky Romero, David Guetta, Ummet Ozcan, Bassjackers, Hardwell, Blasterjaxx, Showtek and many more.
X-TOF releases music on Smash The House, the label of Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike.“Cactus” was a collab with Wolfpack and Futuristic Polar Bears.
"Bomba Latina", together with Sidney Samson, reached over 2 million plays on Spotify.
“Arabian Bounce” was a collab with Wolfpack featuring American hip-hop legend Fatman Scoop.
“Carnival” together with Timmy Trumpet (Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike edit) hit over 15 million streams on Spotify.
Tom Leclercq
As a young boy Tom was already fascinated by music and over time his love of music only became more intense prompting him to do something with it. At the age of 16 he was asked to DJ at small parties and discovered his true calling in life. After years of practice, passion and dedication and a musical switch from “all-round" to “House & Dance" Tom's Club DJ career finally took off in the early Nineties. He was a resident in some of Belgium's biggest clubs like Extreme, Zillion and Versuz. Besides his residencies he was also asked to guest in Belgium and abroad at Pacha (Ibiza), Nature One (Germany), Love Parade, Sensation White, Tomorrowland, Summerfestival, Laundry Day… His musical style is House and Deep House, Progressive but always punchy and groovy. Besides DJ'ing he also tries to spend time in the studio. With PUSH he also founded Aspiral and Santom and is currently working on several new projects.

Final quote: “The most essential thing in a set is the groove, if you hit that right you can make any crowd go wild!!“

Van harde Hip Hop bangers tot jazzy vibes, deep house en zelfs klassiek, Simon Valente aka 'SYMN.' heeft een uitgebreid arsenaal aan originele sounds.
Als fanatieke doe-het-zelver neemt hij het hele productie proces op zich, van het inspelen van het eerste idee, tot de afmix & mastering. Naast beats maken schrijft/rapt/zingt Simon zijn eigen teksten in het Engels, Nederlands en Italiaans.
Onder aliassen als Deviant (Crunk'd Records) en Simon Valente (Armada Music) kwamen al verschillende hits uit in de house en hard dance scene. Enkele jaren en een stijlswitch later komt deze 24-jarige Heistenaar met een nieuw project. Deze keer aan de mic met zijn Hip-Hop act, SYMN.
Rock the Fox & DJ Carl
Menig parochiezaal en jeugdhuis in België is al gevallen voor Rock The Fox en blijkbaar hebben ze een fanclub waar je schoonmoeder lid van is. Graspop Metal Meeting en Down The Rabbit Hole zijn al voor de bijl gegaan. Verwacht stevige rockmuziek, en dansbare hiphop en R&B met de nodige meezingers. En het allerbelangrijkste? Always remember to Rock The Fox!

Olivier Pieters
One of the most famous and respectable Belgian DJ at that time, he was the resident DJ playing every sunday at "Boccaccio" in Destelbergen (Belgium) from the late 80's until the club closed in the end of 1993. He is the brother-in-law of Olivier Abbeloos.
Lincoil Park
New! a glimpse of Linkin Park by LinCoil Park, and Koyle
Bryan V
From winning a dj contest in school to the biggest clubs , this dj is one to keep an eye on! He is only twenty-two but already considered one of the most promising artists in the dance scene. With his thoughtful track selection and enthusiasm for music, BRYAN V is capable of smashing any event. Through the energetic DJ sets in combination with the creative MC work & special effects!
The Route of V
From an early age, Bryan began his musical career as a young child. What started as winning a DJ Contest at school, playing small parties in the neighborhood, & residencies at bars in his hometown quickly turned into gigs at some of the biggest clubs in Belgium. His pleasant character, energetic appearance and thoughtful varying DJ sets always provide a great and unique experience for the audience.
In other words: All-round Madness guaranteed.
References :
Bryan V is no stranger to the Belgian nightlife scene.
With references like : Kokorico//Diedjies//Place 2 Party//Versuz, he has already shown that no club has secrets from him.
3 times guest sets at the national radio station Q Music.
Support acts for top artists such as : Lil Kleine,Bizzey USED,JEBROER
Countless parties & festivals.
Smash The House
Bryan signed with the world's number 1 DJ duo Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike in 2020 on their label ''Smash The House''. Here he scored an immediate award on Belgian radio station Q-music as one of the best played tracks on the program 'Shut Up And Dance' with his debut record 'Never Get Old'
Later that year he also releases ''Let's Not Break Up'' & ''Ibiza'' which together account for 260,000 Streams
Paris Hilton & USA
Bryan V's international career is exploding! Not only Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike noticed his talent but also world stars like Paris Hilton, Nervo & Tinie Tempah.
The latter asked him to make a re-working of their song 'Pickle'
Paris reportedly discovered Bryan after his re-work on the song I Said Hey (What's up) by the American collective 4 Non Blondes. Bryan conquered the American, Japanese, Dutch & Belgian House charts with this, culminating in a place 15 listing.
BLVCKPRINT, is currently one of the fastest-rising names in the business. No matter where he is performing or what tracks he is playing, He's always focused on the synergy between music and audience. Along with his undeniable mixing skills, going for the ultimate floorfiller experience. BLVCKPRINT has the talent to gauge a crowd by dropping the perfect beat at just the right moment. BLVCKPRINT signed tracks on Armin Van Buuren his label Armada Music. He Made an an official remix for Bizzey on Universal Music that got more then 100K streams. Kontor Records,Southbeat, Ensis Records,... are just a few of the labels that released BLVCKPRINT music. His releases recieved support from some of the biggest artists in the scene like David Guetta, Tiesto, Afrojack, Steve Aoki, Wolfpack, Blasterjaxx, Bassjackers and many more. Headlining shows at national & international festivals & clubs like Tomorrowland 2019, Dreambeats, Dance D-Vision, Hype-O Dream, Beachland, Versuz, Jimmy Woo (Amsterdam), Tantra (Ibiza), Karma (Turkey)... Entering the Belgian Dj Top 100 at spot #36 is a sure recognition for his talent.
Belgian Quo Band
The BQB story started in the summer of 2004, shortly after Status Quo’s performance at the Schwung-festival in Roeselare. The rig that Frank Vandaele played with as a twenty-something was set up shortly after that particular concert and son Erwin Vandaele resolutely began self-studying the endless Quo set. By the end of 2007, he was ready for more. Seeing play makes play, and so Frank had clearly got the urge to play again: they decided to start a new tribute band together.
First performance Belgian Quo Band
They searched the internet for a suitable drummer and bass player. In the meantime, they rehearsed almost every day throughout the summer and after these intensive rehearsals they finished the summer at an acceptable level. In October, they came into contact with some musicians, including bassist Lieven. Collective rehearsals started in December, and in 2008 we did our first try-outs in Hertsberge and Maarkedal.
In 2009, the programme mainly included some birthday concerts, an aperitif concert and a TV appearance on AVS.
In 2010, it looked as if – apart from a few small concerts – we would have a rather quiet concert year. Then we decided to change the concept of the band…
In the early years 2008-2010 there was no real tribute band. During performances, only Status Quo songs were played, but we wanted to grow into a real tribute band: let the audience experience the full Quo show!
From 2010 onwards, we worked hard on this new concept and many visual changes were made.
We took into account the Status Quo trademarks: the green and white Fender Telecasters, the white trainers, Rossi’s white shirt and overcoat, the correct positions on the stage, the right choreography and even Rossi’s “mug shot” in order to approach Status Quo as closely as possible.
This new concept clearly caught on in 2011 with concerts at all kinds of events.
In November, our first DVD “The Legends Concert” was released. We were also guests for a film shoot, and as icing on the cake we were opener of the Tribute Festival in the Brielpoort in Deinze in December.
In 2012, we continued the excellent line-up of 2011. Quite a few shows were planned and gradually BQB also started to draw the attention of our northern neighbours. In the spring, we crossed the border into the Netherlands three times and were ready for the autumn.
In 2013 we worked hard to raise the band’s profile, especially in the form of press articles and interviews on local radio stations all over Flanders.
With concerts at the AB Bierfeesten in Oudenaarde, the Gentse Feesten on the Sint-Baafsplein, Tribute Festivals, a long list of summer concerts from the sea to Limburg and some big concerts in Germany and the Netherlands, we have definitely put ourselves on the map in 2013.
As a bonus, we worked hard in the autumn of 2013 on Status Quo’s trademark: the famous white Marshall wall was added as the last missing element to our show.
With this last adjustment, we stood there in 2014 as a full-fledged Tribute Band. The tight Quo rhythm, the same guitars, backline, clothing, stage set-up and choreography, but especially creating the same atmosphere as at a real Quo show are our trademarks.
All these things have contributed to the great success of 2014. BQB was a guest at countless festivals and events from January to December such as Parkpop Oostkamp, Genk On Stage, Festival aan Zee, Swinging Hulsen, Dessel swingt, Tribute Festivals all over Belgium and the Netherlands, Stroppenconcerten Halle, Brouwerijfeesten Oudenaarde, Weerdse Bierfeesten, …
We also contributed to several charities and tried to break the world record for air guitar on 26 July during the Gentse Feesten on the Sint-Baafsplein. Click here to see an image of the world record attempt >
As icing on the cake, we were guests in Dautphe (Germany) on 10/08 to replace Status Quo themselves during Rockin’ Hinterland Dautphe. This because of a sick Rick Parfitt. Especially these last two events did not go unnoticed by the press and thus BQB was in 2014 also a guest at Marcel Vanthilt’s Hotel M op één, the VTM news and the AVS news.
Furthermore, there were interviews on dozens of radio stations, including national stations JoeFM, Q-Music and Studio Brussel and dozens of articles were published in national newspapers (see page PRESS). On 21/09 BQB was also a guest at JoeFM after Status Quo’s concert that evening for the “Top 2000” in the Lotto Arena.
ord attempt last year at the Gentse Feesten – Sint-Baafs, we wanted to do something special again in 2015. The highlight of the year is therefore undoubtedly our successful ROCK TIL’ YOU DROP tour on 12/09 with which we once again made it to the press and national radio stations such as MNM, Radio 2, JoeFM, STUBRU and regional TV (RINGTV) in abundance (see PRESS ).
Rock till you drop
In 1991 Status Quo succeeded in playing 4 full concerts in less than 12 hours at 4 different locations in England. We repeated this stunt successfully in Flanders. We played a full show in Olen, Nieuwenrode, Snaaskerke and Schuiferskapelle each time and all this in less than 12 hours. To make this possible, we could count on very special transport and a fantastic crew. You can read all about it on our facebook page and watch the RTYD aftermovie here. Status Quo also found out about this stunt and so we were able to arrange a real meet and greet between both bands. They wanted to meet those “crazy Belgians”, because no tribute had gone this far in “imitating” them.
Also in 2016 the train was unstoppable and the success kept growing, at the end of the year we were even in Mali (Africa) on stage for a European military mission!
We stayed there for a few days at the military base and gave a performance on New Year’s Eve for all the soldiers present. A once-in-a-lifetime experience!
We celebrated our 10th anniversary with lots of gigs, in July and August alone we had 18 gigs! We were at the Rockin’ Hinterland Festival in Dautphe (Germany) for the third time, where we once replaced Status Quo. Being asked back is the best compliment a band can get, so in 2017 we were in Assendelft for the 6th (!!!) time. In Deurne (NL) we were at the Walhalla Zomerfestival in 2014, but were now asked back as headliner. Furthermore, there were really top performances at the Paulusfeesten in Ostend and Yesterdayland in Bobbejaanland. To make everything extra festive, we also brewed our own beer that year, what do I say? 2 beers! Also following the example of Status Quo of course, because they also have their own beer.
In 2018, we took a year of rest, because the past 10 years had been very intense.
The line-up was also adjusted, as Erwin had other goals in life and could no longer combine the heavy schedule with work and private life.
Frank also decided to quit, so we ended up working with Geert “Parfitt” Callens and Rik “Rossi” Michels.
When we announced the restart of the band, there was great media interest and we did no less than XXXX radio interviews in one weekend.
At the end of the year, the band played 2 gigs in England and was followed by a group of Belgian fans, talk about “loyal followers”!
With our new Rossi & Parfitt we can go on for many years, even Corona could not stop us in 2020 and 2021!
Belgian Quo Band is a well-oiled machine that always creates an ambiance. Both in front of, but certainly also on stage.
Wherever we are, it is always a party when we get to perform. In 2022 we exist 15 years and that will certainly not go unnoticed!
Music is our life, our fans are our motivation.
Belgian Quo Band officially recognised by Status Quo
Lekkere schijven, een resem hits, zijn eigen festival, een vette pet én de beste DJ-familie van Vlaanderen: 5NAPBACK heeft het allemaal!
5NAPBACK (uitgesproken als Snapback en 5nappie voor de vrienden) kan zijn naam al achter tal van shows zetten. Sinds het winnen van België’s grootste dj-contest “MNM Start to DJ!” in 2016 gaat het ontzettend hard voor deze 25-jarige Duffelaar met zijn eigen festival.
Een typische 5NAPBACK set is een mix van de lekkerste commerciële schijven, ongelooflijke ‘alles kapot’ platen en enkele legendarische hits die niet kapot te krijgen zijn.
In een jaar met veel minder gigs bracht hij 2 nieuwe singles uit: eerst ‘Vrienden’ (meer dan 1 miljoen streams), een samenwerking met rapper Daniel Busser en in oktober ‘Hoe kon ik zo dom zijn’,een co-lab met Metejoor! De bijhorende videoclip werd al meer dan 160.000 keer bekeken op Youtube. Beluister zeker zijn andere hits ‘Feels Like Love’ Deep Waters, Do You Better, Rain On Me & Waste My Time.
Alles samen goed voor zo’n 3.355.000 streams op Spotify!
Ondertussen stak hij ook zijn schouders onder een nieuw project ‘De Bromeo’s‘, een meer dan gekke DJ-set met co-DJ’s Lester Williams en Freaquency!
Michael Amani
When Michael Amani released his debut single ‘Feels Like I Do’ (1,5 million streams) back in 2018, he was the first Belgian DJ to ever release on the label of Martin Garrix. A little while later, Michael Amani played the opening act for Garrix himself at his Ushua za residency in Ibiza. After crushing Afrojack’s Tomorrowland stage, he got to play various major festivals and clubs around the world such as Balaton (Hungary), Shalvata (Tel Aviv), Route Du Soleil (Spain) and ofcourse, almost every big Belgian festival such as Sunrise, Rock Werchter... followed.
Late 2019, Michael Amani released his long awaited festival banger “Shifting Gears” on STMPD RCRDS, making him the only Belgian artist to ever have released twice on the label.
Supported by Martin Garrix, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Hardwell, Lost Frequencies, Sam Feldt and many, many more.
During 2020, Michael Amani proved to be the creative and innovative artist that he is. After the succes of his Youtube vlogs and Among Us series, he then managed to collect a whopping 15 million+ views on Tiktok.
Fully recharged and with his backpack filled with brand new music, it’s safe to say Michael Amani is ready to continue killing the game in 2022.
Al van jongs af aan is de multi getalenteerde Meaghan gebeten door alles wat met muziek te maken heeft. Zo is ze een danseres, zangeres en DJ. De ideale combo dus voor een knallende DJ-set.
Haar muziekstijl werd beïnvloed door haar vader en in een paar jaar tijd heeft Meaghan haar eigen unieke house / tech house vibe ontwikkeld. Dit alles staat synoniem voor passie en haar sterke persoonlijkheid.
Meaghan stond al te schitteren in de fijnste clubs van België en Nederland, waaronder The Villa en Carré.
MNM Start to DJ 2019 finalist.
Yves Foré, aka dj-bolle was born in Roeselaere in the summer of 69. After playing football untill my 16th birthday, I began to be very interested in new-wave and dance-music. On my 18th birthday I bought myself 2 turn-tables and a mixer, one year later I began spinning the decks, in "the Step in" Roeselaere.
After a few years, I took the big step to a big discotheque, "Eros" also in Roeselaere. From then on, it went all very fast. Trough Ferarri's, Megadrome Dyore and Diwi's, I became resident in Lagoa, where I playing on the famous Sunday-afternoons together with dj Olivier c. There we had 3 supreme years.
After a break of 4 years, Marie-jeanne, the boss of Lagoa, came to get me back to play together with dj Manu (kenton) in Room 2 of Lagoa. Room 2 is now know as Ground-zero, where I spin the decks till 2010. I was al so resident with dj-hs in the main-room and working by the management for lagoa till 2013.
@ this time i still play @ lagoa and many clubs all over belguim and North France
My most beautifull memories are the clubs, Lagoa, Eros, Larocca backstage, D’yore, Cirao, Cheops, Le cube, City-parade, Djamnesia, Labush, Café d’anvers, Le purple, Memories oostende, Dreambeats, House torhout, Hype o dream, Retro nation, Club systemparty’s, Legends, Cirque magique - Land of love - I love retro and many more...
From a young age Glenn Brughmans aka Bassbrain was interested in music and entertainment. Besides getting music theory and guitar lessons at the age of 12, he also started his own youtube channel where he made funny action movies with friends. Glenn became locally famous with his videos.

It wasn’t until the age of 18 that Glenn discovered how to make electronic music. Glenn started producing songs with dutch lyrics about beer and partying. Some of those songs became quiet popular and had hundreds of thousands of online streams.

Since Glenn’s recurring appearance on Da Tweekaz’s “Tweeka-TV”, the name Bassbrain skyrocketed throughout the hardstyle scene. With a switch to English lyrics and a more international sound, Bassbrain is taking the scene by storm.

Already supported by heavyweights as Da Tweekaz, Coone, Timmy Trumpet, Darren Styles,… this dj and producer is ready to take over the world with his super energetic performances and funny yet bass-heavy music!
Bass Shaker
Hailing from Belgium, Tom Coenen, or better known as Hardstyle virtuoso Bass Shaker. Renowned
for his powerhouse melodic sound, Bass Shaker has completely invaded the scene with his high-energy productions that strike a harmonious
balance between monster kicks and a feel-good, melodic ambience. Always
remaining open-minded to music’s endless possibilities, it’s no wonder why the
humble Bass Shaker has soared to great heights.
Auroara is a brand new female DJ with a passion for raw and euphoric hardstyle music.
Belgian Hardstyle DJ, living his life at 150 BPM!
M-Pulsive startte in de zomer van 2016 met zijn eigen YouTubekanaal. Na het plaatsen van vele video’s en het halen van meer dan 2 miljoen views op zijn kanaal, kwamen ook zijn eerste bookings binnen. In 2018 won hij verschillende DJ-contesten waardoor hij momenteel zeer gekend is in de regio van Torhout en omstreken. Als winnaar van Hoog Kortrijk Draait Door 2019 wordt ook Kortrijk een gekend terrein voor M-Pulsive. Deze jonge en gepassioneerde DJ is nog steeds op zoek naar zijn eigen weg in de DJ-wereld, maar laat nu alvast het publiek een groot ‘wauw’-gevoel na zijn set.
Junne is the perfect combination of Old skool retro classics & Groovy House tunes.
Taking you back in time for that perfect throwback vibed DJ set.
Swervin' through Belgium's nightlife like a surfer in Hawaii
# Suite 17
# Chaud
# Lime
# Klub XIII
# Land Of Love
# 2Fish
Bertrand & Tone
DJ Bertrand brings you an exclusive cocktail of recognizable but yet surprising folk, folkrock and -punk, latino and world music.
Come and swing to Bertrand's 'Devils dance Floor' !
DJ Tone claims his spot again on the EARTH stage, and Torhout knows his name best as one of the main men behind Strike, and you know what that means: drums, guitars and lots of grunting going on on this stage!
Renaissance Stage:
Mark With a K & MC Chucky * JeBroer * Yves Deruyter * Robert Abigail * 5napback * Jamie Lee VI & Louis XIV * Childsplay
Ronny Retro * Arthur Lewis * X-Tof * Blvckprint * Mr Helios
Air Stage:
Franky Jones * Tyrome Live * Bountyhunter * Mr Sam * Da Rick
DJ HS * Olivier Pieters * Sven Lanvin * Bolle * Junne * Stef
Earth Stage:
Bulls on Parade * Bizkit Park * Koyle * Devils After Monkeys * D:Zine * DJ Tône * DJ Bertrand
Pandora's Box Stage:
Ummet Ozcan * Jay Hardway * Mark with a K & MC Chucky * Chocolate Puma * Sidney Samson * Da Rick vs DJ Ghost
Kenn Colt * Dimaro * Robert Abigail ft. MJ The Unique * Neon * The Launch!
Air Stage:
M.I.K.E. Push * Yves Deruyter * DJ Ward * Manu Kenton * Olivier Abbeloos
Marko De La Rocca * Quincy * Michael Forzza * Olivier Pieters * BPM * Junne
Fire Stage:
Hard Driver * Pat B * MANDY * Teka-B * Dark-E * JNXD * Emphasis * Akyra * Torquent * Bass Shaker
Earth Stage:
DJ Fleddy Melculy * DJ Turbeau * Gunther D * Bizkit Park * Magnetica * The Servants * DJ Tône * CLSJRD BRTHRS
Water Stage:
Johannes Heil Live * Remco Beekwilder * Setaoc Mass * Man Outta Space * Trixy * Seba Lecompte * Remy-X Live * Phemia * Cyrix
Arce Amoris:
Sandro Silva * Mark with a K & MC Chucky * CJ Bolland * Insider Live * Lennert Wolfs * Sem Thomasson
Foncky Time * 5napback * Blvckprint * Dennis Cartier * Dwightlight + Jellousy
Air Stage:
DJ Ghost * Zolex * Phi Phi * Da Rick * DJ HS * Bountyhunter * Bolle * Phil Watts * The Launch! * DJ Stef * Anthony C
Fire Stage:
Zany * MYST * RVAGE * Revalue * Dark-E * Demoniak * Akyra * Torquent * Nightcrawlers
Earth Stage:
Discobar a moeder * Bizkit Park * Hindu Nights DJ's * Houston's problem * Mr. T * Benny Boens * DJ Bertrand * DJ Tône * DJ Stef * Devoo Beatbox
Water Stage:
Industrialyzer Live * Dimitri Andreas Live * Goldfox * Stanny Franssen * Seba Lecompte * double U Jay * X&Trick Live * Cyrix * Twodex
Love Stage:
Dr. Lektroluv * Bonzai All Stars * DJ F.R.A.N.K. * Lester Williams * Lennert Wolfs
Jelle Van Dael * Freaquency * Funk D * Robert Falcon * Audiophonic! * Satchmo
Air Stage:
Jan Vervloet * Da Rick * Franky Kloeck * Olivier Pieters * Bolle * BPM * The Launch! * Oli4 & Butnex
Fire Stage:
Lords of TEK * Sub Zero Project * NSCLT * Dark-E * Lowriderz * Sephyx * MANDY * Unsenses * Nightcrawlers * Torquent * MC Chucky
Earth Stage:
Goe vur in den otto * Dirk Stoops * Linde Merckpoel & Johnny DC * 2 Metal DJ's * DJ Tône * DJ Ssstijn * DJ Stef
Water Stage:
Trixy * Tom Hades * Frank Biazzi * Steve Redhead * Man Outta Space * A-Bat * Cyrix * Xplovision

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