Land of Love 2021

19 may 2021

Friends, today we can officially announce that an edition of Land of Love will take place this Summer.
The Gates of Heaven will remain closed for another year,but at the end of August the Elements will welcome you to "Renaissance", to witness our rebirth. Your rebirth, if you will.
Land of Love "Renaissance" will take place on Saturday August 28th, and will be limited to a capacity of 4.000 citizens. Three stages will be set: the magnificent Renaissance Main Stage, the Retro Air Stage and the Earth Rock stage.

Right now we are working behind the scenes to complete the line-up, of which we will try to rebook as much as possible artists that had been booked for the 2020 edition. As soon as the line up is completed, we will share it with you.

Tickets for this edition will go on sale somewhere next week, as we are working closely with our ticket partner to complete the details. We are also working on a settlement for the people who already bought tickets for last year's cancelled edition.
Keep an eye on our website and official social media channels for more on this very soon.

Friends, we waited almost two years to welcome you back. It's about damn time.
Get ready to witness the Rebirth. The Reanimation. The Revival.
The Renaissance.

More info soon!


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