05 jul 2018


The Elements would like to introduce you to 'Drops': the official currency in Land of Love!
In an effort to reduce the amount of waste on the Elemental grounds, 'Drops' will be added to your wristband instead of paper tickets.
The same goes for ordering drinks and food: simply tap your wristband against the cash desk screen and Drops will be deducted.
If you bought your booze bags in advance: go to the cash desk located on the festival site to exchange your booze bag ticket for Drops.
Bought too many Drops?
No worries, you can reclaim the remaining amount of Drops on your wristband right here on this website and up to ten days after the festival..

Here's a quick FAQ to get you started:
Where can I buy my card or bracelet?
Your bracelet will be given to you at the entrance and will contain a special chip, acting as payment card.
How can I charge my bracelet?
Just go to the automated desks, use you favorite bank card and tap your bracelet to the screen. Your drops will be added to your balance. For your convenience, there will be a cash desk so you can pay with cash too. At this desk, you will also be able to exchange your pre-bough booze bag tickets for drops.
Do I have to pay for this bracelet? Is there some kind of deposit?
The bracelet and its chip come with no charge, or any deposit.
What is 1 drop worth?
1 drop is €1,30.
Wjhat if I still have drops after the festival?
You can reclaim remaining drops through this website up to 10 days after the festial. The chip will contain a serial number and with that number you will be able to reclaim your remaining drops. A small fee will be deducted for our service provider.