...and so it begins

At the end of next summer, a new land will rise up on a mythical landscape, a place where history has been written and new adventures will emerge.
Our universe and everything in it, originates from one source, formed by the four main Elements of Life: Fire, Water, Air and Earth.
This Summer, each of these elements will send its disciples to us, and guided by the power of music we will all unite and celebrate life in this new land:

A land of pleasure,
A land of happiness,
A Land of Love.


What is happening in the Land of Love? Find out here!

Line up

No less than 50 dj's will grace us with their presence in the Land of Love. Choose your flavor, or just check them all out!



Land of Love is located on the corner of Heidestraat and Hillestraat on 't Hoge in Torhout. Read the practical info for more information on how to get there and parking possibilities!


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